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‘Everything moves toward harmony.  The Month of April will bring kindness to all the children of Mother Earth.’

 ‘It is very important that on the 7th of each month we join in lighting fires and candles for Mother Earth.’ 

 the return of the geese people

Return of the Geese People

‘The return of the Geese People signals to the Earth plants it is the time for the planting of new seeds of love for all the people.  Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Mercury, the Sun, radiate light now on Mother Earth for the growth of the Plant People.’

 ‘Years ago on April 7th I was instructed in a vision to build a fire in the sound peace chamber for purification of the world’s oceans.’   

ocean places of Oceanus

Ocean Places of Oceanus

 ‘April is also the month during which, in 2006, I received the vision of a Horn of Plenty in the sky pouring blessings on the Earth.  The Horn of Plenty to me is a medicine bag.  Bag is moh-neh.  Moh means:  to see.  Neh means:  the Vast Self and personal self as it places itself in a statement of awareness.  From the Horn of Plenty the seeds of blessings came pouring out like little stars. 

A blue star was the first star to fall from the open side of the Horn of Plenty, a five-pointed star, which symbolized five personal gifts to the people on planet Earth.  The People means all living life on Mother Earth.  Have you already received gifts?  This question does not require a response since it belongs to the individual soul and not the personality.  Soul means:  to drink the gifts of Divine Presence.

While splitting wood for my wood stove, I sensed a deep loving blessing, surely one of the gifts.’ 

horn of plenty

 The Horn of Plenty

 ‘Our ancient relatives sought new places to settle and live away from Planet Earth.  In those early times of the Earth, people could travel by appearing or disappearing at will into other dimensions.  They used fire because fire represents the root of life, the original flame of life.  When we light a candle every 7th of the month, we are asking for their light (wisdom and prayers and guidance).  I have a question:  how many of you, as you have lit a candle or a fire, have already received guidance from elsewhere?  This is certainly an idea for all of us to ponder.’

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