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‘When walking or running this month, the month of August, imagine that you are opening sacred pathways with each new step; sense, also, the weight of your physical body, not as yours, but rather infinite space pushing down on your shoulders, keeping you on the trail.  Enjoy!!’ 

Creator of Ocean Mist always brings new wisdom to learn 

‘Any time a human being acts or moves that movement is also a service to the cosmos, because of who we are.  Effort that is applied when doing physical tasks is a necessity in daily life, because it is that work effort that escapes the physical world into the invisible field until such time it is needed.  When it is needed, it returns to replenish physical energy.  Prayer is the form I use to bring the effort energy back to heal planet Earth from the invisible realms where it waits for us to call upon its gifts to humanity.  For August, pray daily:  All my efforts today will be for divine presence for all life.  Amen.’ 


‘When a child is born, the birth of a new universe has taken place, therefore, a new potential has been given to Planet Earth.  A greater planetary goodness is affirmed.  After the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012, a new birth for life will begin according to the ancient Maya.  I suggest that you enjoy your lives with love and light.’ 

 angels of divinity

Angels of Divinity

‘Plants symbolize the focus of divine reverence and blessings for all future generations of the people to come.’

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