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‘The world of Mother Nature in this month tells us to be happy:  to give is to receive.’

 people of the north-south be blessed

 People of the North-South BE BLESSED

‘Dear Friends, this is the fourth of four art pieces I am creating to bless the circle of all life on Mother Earth.  They all have the letter “L” in the middle of the piece.  The letter “L” is the ancient symbol for God.  At the bottom of the art piece, I have the following information:

     For December: People of the North-South, be blessed.

‘People’ means vibration in this case.  The blessings are for all of the people inside the Medicine Circle, which is the circle of all lives on Mother Earth.  With loving kindness and loving blessings.’


A Winter Solstice Gift of Ancient Human Wisdom

‘During the winter solstice, the Moon changes into a giant lake covered over in ice and therefore facilitates reflection (thinking) on events of the past year, as well as future events to come.’


A Message from the Peace Group:

Grandfather Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, offers us a the gift of a vision of growth, encouragement and inspiration, a vision planted like a seed into the vast fields of light opening here on the Solstice.  Speaking to the children, and to every one of us who is a gardener or would like to garden, he demonstrates the sacred ways of singing, dancing and being with the plant people, with Mother Earth and with Father Sky.  In this short film (presented here in two parts on YouTube) Joseph shares what is central and important for us, and he blesses us with this offering brought back from the heart of creation.  We hope you enjoy this two-part video.  And you are invited to forward these links to anyone you would like to include in this blessing.

YouTube Links:

Planting Part 1: maximising all of the potentials

Planting Part 2: re-establishing our connection with the sacred

 a window to the spirit of insights

A Window to the Spirit of Insights

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