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‘We have vast potential because we do not live as individuals alone.  We live as aspects of the Higher Mind.’

 Joseph, asked in February 2008 about the year 2012 and the end of the Mayan calendar, tells this story to illustrate the significance of numbers:

‘Now is the winter season for telling of creation stories and here is mine:  Original people were born, and after their birth, they fell off a cliff and into the world of Maya, the world of illusion.  The world of Maya is the reflective universe that we are now experiencing in today’s social, economic and political world.  It is the world of Maya that gave us the ability to have conscious awareness and our abilities to think.  Thinking is reflective.  Our first ancestors came to experience oneness, then duality, then movement.  However, because the Universe is regulated by numbers, letters and words, the numbers 2–0–1–2 are just now meaningful to us and they represent:  receiving of new vision, of childlike innocence, of returning from duality to oneness and to, once again, movement.’

ocean places of Oceanus

Ocean Places of Oceanus

In February 2009, Joseph, revisited the sacred ocean cliffs of California’s Pacific North Coast where he had previously received the request from Oceanus to hold fire ceremony for the health of the oceans.  He was there again to celebrate a ceremony for world peace.  As it happened, similar ceremonies were being performed simultaneously, in India, at the border of Tibet, and in the Peruvian Andes.  We have entered a new era when the call for peace on earth is emerging spontaneously from the hearts of the global communities.

Although this video, made by the House of Mica Chamber, is from another time, this is the Seeds of Peace Song that Joseph sang on the Californian cliffs: 

Seeds of Peace

‘In February look for points of light during your meditations that will open into windows where angels of the white light dwell.’

 Angels of Light

Angels of Light

 ‘From every petal of a flower comes only one mystery; however, it is full of many unexpected happy events.’

Flowers of our Winter Time

 Flowers of our Winter Time

 ‘The white owls that are coming down to the lower 48 from the north are nature’s way of signalling the new changes coming, perhaps because of climate changes.’

Snowmelt Altar for watering garden plants

 Snowmelt Altar for watering garden plants

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