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morning prayer for a new dawn

Morning Prayer for a New Dawn

‘I would like to tell everybody to watch world events, because a new spirit is now being superimposed on all peoples.  A shift is taking place that is subtle but real, a shift in a positive direction toward peace.  The conflicts we see now are really the last struggle of the big giants.  

January is ski season in the Colorado mountains where I live, and the image I see is that we have been climbing up a mountain, and now we’re going down the other side.  We are singing our songs and creating our realities as we’re going along.  Because we live in a collective consciousness, everyone is contributing to that creation of our shared reality.  

Keep focusing on peace and pay attention to the areas where it will be emerging on the world scene.  Remember, you are the song.  You are the sacred.  You are who you are and it is good.’

clay jar to store memories

Clay Jar to Store Memories

 ‘Begin the year Knowing Who You Are.  In my teaching and writing, I have often referred to the various sounds in Tiwa, the language spoken by the Indians in my father’s village of Picuris Pueblo.  The sounds in the word Tiwa are Tii, which is the vibration of reflecting, or thinking; and Wah, which is the vibration of universes.  Tiwa means ‘Universes are reflecting, thinking, and therefore they have language’.  Tiwa is not just one language, it is the vibration of all language.  It is anything that has to do with sound.  Every person who speaks any language, anywhere in the world is speaking Tiwa.  If you are an English speaker (or German, or Italian, or French, or Spanish, or whatever language) you are very much a Tiwa.  In fact, every person speaking is the universe reflecting on the consciousness of the multiplicity of billions of billions of billions of universes.’

Some fun predictions from Joseph, Beautiful Painted Arrow, envisioning what the future might be like:

 ‘H2O (water formula), along with some other biochemical parts, will be the future technology for space travel.  The water to be used will come from the oceans of Planet Earth.  Future cities on Planet Earth will be made inside of round large clear bubble-type structures and will be under ocean water, and they will periodically come up to the ocean surfaces.  The ships that will travel to outer space will be transparent.  Because of the inroads into nanotechnology, guidance systems will be created so that a beacon on the moon will guide ships coming from Plant Earth to the moon.  The earthly ships will not need humans to pilot them.  In time when cosmic mind no longer needs to believe that the concept of existence is important in order to exist, the human race will appear and disappear at will and will no longer need material technologies to travel to outer space.  Reflectivity (thinking) is key to life as we know it for evolving into new cosmic beingness and vibration.’ 

song of the night sky

Song of the Night Sky

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