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‘There will be movement on the crust of Mother Earth in May.  Pay attention, especially to close relationships, as they will blossom at this time.’

a geologic formation 

A Geologic Formation

 ‘The land is who we are.  The land is our first significant energy, which we begin to recognize as ourselves.  The land is where our power really lies and that is where expanded consciousness can be cultivated.  The land is telling the story.  This is the story of the Vast Self, speaking about what it knows it is.  This is what consciousness is.  Consciousness is the result of how the Vast Self is in a state of movement, how it is purifying itself, how it is placing itself, how it is manifesting.’  


‘Life is a circle and the circle means seed.  Any time we have a thought, we have just seeded an idea into the vastness, which is made of the land, which is made of earth and sky.  From the germination of the seeds will come the flowering of change.’

 the voice of silence

the voice of silence

 ‘When a human baby is born, it is already in tune to the sounds it is going to hear.  Consequently, soon after birth it is given a name by which it is going to be called.  The cosmos is set up in this way; there is audible sound and silent sound.  When a word is spoken, it first has a silent sound before we hear the audible sound.  First silence: then sound.  Why?  Silence is the place in the cosmos that is THE NO FLESH PLACE.  Why?  Divine Longing does not exist in the realms of the silent sound, but rather exists only in the next step that follows it, which is the audible sound place.  We are dealing here with two realities; at one level we have the world of Y-O, which is the world of silent sound.  Now as soon as a word is spoken, Divine Longing is manifested by the audible sound of the word when it is spoken aloud.  In the vibration worldview we see an example in the word for the number one in the Tiwa language weh-muuWeh means:  to say it again.  Why?  Because without Divine Longing, creativity cannot continue and procreate.  Muu means:  to become the notion of motion.  Motion creates the ability to see.  Humans are perceptual beings.  This is the message for the month of May.’ 


‘All the soul wants is to drink more and more light.  In being and vibration, it lives to keep us fully engaged in attaining higher and higher wisdom.’ 

5 fingers 5 seeds 5 blessings

5 Fingers 5 Seeds 5 Blessings

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