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‘Every time you take a drink of water, listen carefully.  You’ll hear the word SOUL.  This is because drinking water is the same as drinking light.  You are sounding soul-ness, the Christ consciousness within you.

‘For November I send this Harvest of Divine Knowing to all the Peace Group people with loving blessings.’

 the harvest of divine knowing

The Harvest of Divine Knowing

‘In 2006 a blue star came forth from inside the Horn of Plenty and fell into our spiral galaxy.  Consequently here on Mother Earth we are experiencing a New World Order and shifts of higher consciousness.

On April 16, 2006, I was doing a dance in Australia when the Horn of Plenty appeared above the dance ground.  The fruits of the Horn of Plenty began to fall into the dance arbor, and the shape of the arbor changed from a circle into the spiral pattern of the galaxy that we live in.  From this I knew that this was a galactic vision.

The spiral is going around, and we call it huh-leh-nehHuh means seed that now is being spread all over.  The Horn of Plenty is spilling seeds into a spiral, which by its very nature means that the seed will germinate and flower.

A blue star was the first star to fall from the open side of the Horn of Plenty.  It was a five-pointed star, symbolizing five personal gifts to the people on planet Earth.  The people means all life on Mother Earth.  Ah-huh-lah means light is germinating.  Lah is the sound of the word light and in Tiwa means:  Divine Presence, God Presence.’

 horn of plenty

The Horn of Plenty

Joseph’s video message about this vision of Abundance can be seen and heard at: 

Horn of Plenty

‘In November, know that Divine Presence is with you.  You are Being and Vibration, and every time you speak, no matter what language you use, you are part of a Vast Intelligence that has the power to think and reflect.  You are part of the Vast Self who is alive.  You are alive because the Vast Self is multiple universes reflecting the consciousness of the multiplicity of billions of billions of billions of universes.  And the Vast Self is Divine Presence in you.’

 people of the west-east be blessed

 People of the West-East BE BLESSED

‘This is the third of four art pieces I am creating to bless the circle of all life on Mother Earth.  They all have the letter “L” in the middle of the piece.  The letter “L” is the ancient symbol for God.’


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