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   sun moon dance, for our galaxy we're dancing

Sun Moon Dance, for our galaxy we’re dancing

 ‘In October we are in the vibrations of divine awareness and innocence.  Life by its very nature is a giant church made of unconditional love, a place where the soul is continually fed.’ 


‘In a vision in October 2009, the H1N1 flu virus came to me in the form of a woman and asked me to sing the death chant for her.  This is what we sing when someone is dying.  So I sang it for her and now she’s gone.  She’s gone back home.  Her parents were with her, and 2 siblings; now they’ve all gone back to the no-form place.  This vision came to me after the hour of 3 a.m., so that means it is a prophetic dream about things to come.’ 


 ‘Dear Friends, this is the second of four art pieces I am creating to bless the circle of all life on Mother Earth.  They all have the letter “L” in the middle of the piece.  The letter “L” is the ancient symbol for God.’  

people of the NorthWest be blessed

People of the NorthWest Be BLESSED

 ‘This art piece is a way for me to say:  Be blessed!  It is a vibration of blessing for everyone and everything, not just humans but the totality of Being and Vibration, which I call the People.  When I say the People of the NorthWest, I’m also talking about the whole Earth.  The blessing carries out to the Cosmos.  I’m not talking specifically about geographic locations on Planet Earth or the Cosmos, I’m talking about the spiritual, from North to South, East to West, the equidistant cross, which is the Medicine Wheel.  Everything that ever was and ever will be is inside of the Circle of Light, what we Indians call the Medicine Wheel, and that is what this painting is meant to bless.’ 


‘We’re here for a reason.  We’re supposed to be here in this reality to see and feel a new world coming from a parallel dimension, bringing prosperity and plenty.  This is the Horn of Plenty, and we’re going to get to see it.’ 


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