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marker blueA Sound Path: metaphor alongside experience

Joseph sings Seeds of Peace
he invites us to join in and learn this song
The track is on a loop with a long gap between plays. You can pause it at any time.

the wheel we walk with sounds

The medicine wheel is a map which serves the many levels of the metaphor of existence.

It is the determination of being to have a structure in which to place experience, and it is helpful to have a map when exploring unfamiliar territory.

The wheel illustrated here has the colours and sounds as Joseph teaches them.

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12 Months of Peace




marker blue Sound

From the cackling of a goose to the big bang, sound has often been placed as the initial happening of creation.  Joseph has chosen five primal sounds: they are the initial vibrations from the ‘no-form place’ which each carry a principal idea.  It is possible to travel into the mystery on their vibrations, and to receive inspiration and teachings from the source.  They are vowel sounds: this means that they are produced by breath vibrating the vocal chords and flowing out of the open mouth without interruption, the sound is shaped by the tongue and the lips but the stream of air is not interrupted.

In the accent of the english that I speak each one of the following words contains one of these primal sounds:

ah:  heart (h-ah-t);  eh:  help (h-eh-lp);  ii:  heat (h-ii-t);  oh:  hope (h-oh-p);  uu:  hoop (h-uu-p).

If these words do not accurately reflect the sounds for you, feel free to find others that do.

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marker blue Sound and the written word

Sound is purely vibration and has no material form.  Writing captures the sounds of language and crystallizes them in form.  The sound of the language gets stuck in form, and, while a certain clarity is the result, flexibility decreases, and the fluid connections to all the levels of meaning are frozen.

In his teaching Joseph has lent us some words and phrases from the language of his father’s people.  It is a spoken language that has never been written and it retains all the metaphoric resonances which our languages are losing.  Through these examples he is recommending us to re-invigorate the spiritual essence of our own languages.  the colours of our planet  Central to the sacredness of the unwritten language is the people’s connection to the land.  It is the land that is speaking, and the people who are listening learn the language of the land, and the land is the Vast Self of which we are all part.

In modern usage the meaning of a word can be very precise, that is ok for science and technology, but the sound of a word contains ancient wisdom and that is nourishment for the greatness of being.

Take the word NOW, for me it sounds:  n-ah-uu.  Chanting n-ah-uu I enter the timeless moment, which is the now.  Dwelling in the resonance I become the vibration of timelessness.  This becoming eliminates my fear and places me in the stream of love which, being in the now, I recognise is the creative agent of our world.  Then I come back and try to discover how that can be, but the feeling that it is, now never leaves me.

I have not used the words that Joseph lends us in the text of this site, but I have applied the principles of vibration in the choice of the words, and other content, that I have used.  That is an opportunity he is giving us:  that is a help he is giving us.  To do this is putting into practice his teaching that ‘work is worship’. 


marker blue Three Ways of Vibrational Travelling

marker blue Chanting

choose a word, or sound, and sing it continuously, on one tone, until your interest in it has evaporated, keep on chanting………. 

marker blue Sounding

allow your voice to express you in sound………….

marker blue Singing a Song

choose an item or a topic, enter its vibration and sing its song………… 

Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow sings a Song of the 8 Seasons


marker blue Peace

in timeless timeThis is a quest where spiritual help is needed.  We are not by nature entirely peaceful.  In 2006 Joseph saw a vision of the horn of plenty.  The time of plenty has arrived.  Well, let’s all sit back and relax, but, the twist is, the horn of plenty holds plenty of what we ask for.  That is why the people in the chamber vision were, and are, singing for peace. 

Here are some words from a translation of Joseph’s song, Two-leggeds Call to the Spirit of World Peace:

‘Great Spirit of Peace, we know that you are in my brother, the tree.  We know that you are my sister, the stars.  We know that you have been waiting for our call, and now we give you our call and we ask you to give us the enlightenment that we need, so that we will know exactly what we must do, and then give us the energy and the strength to carry it through.  We have not always done that.  We have often asked and you have given us the answers and then we have not followed through on them.

Now, oh Great Spirit of World Peace, we ask you in this song, in this song that we sing to you, that you will come into and be inside of this song as we sing it so that all who may hear it will know that it is your song that we are singing; for we are being you in world peace.’

The Gift from Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow


marker blue Building

Each of us has the potential to be a walking sound peace chamber, it is evident in the shape of our skulls, but there are some compelling reasons to place our intentions in a building.

Building a peace sound chamber is a way of saying thank you to the Vast Self, and saying ‘thank you’ honours, confirms and strengthens our connection.  This is especially important in technological societies where our connection to the land is getting weaker.

Sound peace chambers are designed to take us beyond our expectations and they can help us to reach our highest potential, which will, by its very nature, be for the benefit of all.

The chamber can be a focal point for gathering the people and great social and personal benefits can come from working in a group.

The practice of using sound for healing is much enhanced when a number of people meet; working together is love in action.

Here is a teaching from Joseph, who has dedicated his life to helping the people:

‘…. each individual will look at something and have a different visual of that something.  This is because Creator wanted to look through the eyes of every single human being and be able to see something different through each individual.  This way, Creator is not looking through just one single vision, but through the eyes of all.

Each of us is creating our own reality.  And yet we think that, because we are a human talking to another human being, we are all looking at the same reality.  When we begin to educate each other that everyone is having the same vision, seeing the same reality as us, we begin to encourage sickness, because we are no longer existing in many different realities.  We are existing only in one.  Then this begins to directly affect the human psyche because we are no longer allowing for new creative intelligence to be continuously existing from moment to moment.  Rather, we have decided we wanted to make it so that everyone would see only one reality, rather than six billion realities going on simultaneously.’ 

(from Sound, Native Teachings and Visionary Art)



Thank you, Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael, for your gifts to all people.

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