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sound peace chamber painting by Joseph Rael
On this page there are photographs of some of the chambers, illustrating the variety of designs that have been built.

hover to see the chamber name and location.

click on the picture to learn more about that chamber.

follow these two links to view presentations compiled by Junitta Vallak from Australia:

Early Chambers part 1 Europe

Early Chambers part 2 America

Thank you, Junitta, for going walkabout and making these records of our history.


Casurina, Victoria, AustraliaBeautiful Flower, GermanyBirdsong, Pennsylvania, USA

Cave of Clay, Scotland, UKEarth's Ancestral Voices, N. Carolina, USACenter for Peace, Tennessee, USA

Earthsong, Michigan, USAGrandmother's Place, Tennessee, USAGod Wanders as Light, Germany

Half of God is Singing, the Other is Listening, GermanyHouse of Mica, New York State, USAHouse of Ancient Voices, Norway

Kiama Dojo, Victoria, AustraliaNo Name, Colorado, USALittle Rain Drop, Scotland, UK

Oca da Paz, BrazilRed Eagle, Victoria, AustraliaOne Who is Speaking, Austria

Red Eagle Mountain Spirit, New Mexico, USASacred Arrow, Ontario, CanadaSacha Runa, Bolivia

Skye Chamber, Scotland, UKSong of the Cleansing Time, Wales, UKSligo Peace Chamber, Eire

Song of the New Dawn, England, UKThe Light House, Scotland, UKSong of the Redtail Hawk, Texas, USA

Thundersong, Colorado, USAWatersong, N. Carolina, USAVienna Peace Chamber, Austria

Waterstein Chamber, Scotland, UKWolf Lodge, Texas, USAWhere God Walks and Talks, Colorado, USA

Let the Beauty We See Be What We Are, Scotland, UKSweet Beautiful Waters, Arizona, USAWind Walker, South Africa

House of Singing Light, DenmarkTo Protect the People, DenmarkLittle Flames of Life, Germany

41 Titra Peace Chamber, Croatia43 Light from the Heavens, Germany42 Wittenberg Chamber, NY State, USA

Circle of Light, New Mexico45 Gorslwyd, WalesEagle's Nest Chamber


In this video, Introduction to Sound Chambers Francis Rico introduces Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, who speaks about the origin of the chambers. It is the first in a series of videos from of individual chambers, their builders and their groups.

Links to these videos can be found by clicking on the image of the particular chamber on this page. The chambers featured are: Little Flames of Life, Oca da Paz, Skye Chamber, One Who Is Speaking, House of Mica, Cave of Clay, and Watersong. Hover over a picture to see the Chamber’s name.

Many heartfelt thanks to Francis for filming these videos and to Lukas Budimir for travelling with him to collect material for the videos from the chambers in Europe.

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