Circle of Light, New Mexico, USA


The Circle of Light chamber in New Mexico began in the 1980’s when Mike first started having dreams and visions of a structure he felt guided to build. Mike was not a person who had recurring “visions” like this, but this kept coming back for decades until 2009, when Mike found out about Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) and his work with the Peace Chambers around the world.

In 2010, Mike and Marie met with Joseph in Albuquerque at the site where the chamber was eventually built. Joseph blessed the site and said that the site blessed him.

Construction started in 2011. Friends and family helped excavate the site, put up the doorway, and build the walls and roof.  The chamber was completed in 2013 and the first fire ceremony was held July 7th, 2013 (at 7 PM, sharp – haha!).

Members of Joseph’s community, including Francis Rico, visited in 2014 when the footage was recorded that was edited into the video posted online called Circle of Light.

Mike’s decades of dreaming came full circle on June 4th, 2015 when Joseph visited and spent a glorious couple of hours with Mike and Marie in the peace, beauty, and harmony of the completed, sacred chamber. Joseph, Mike, and Marie shared with each other, had a simple dedication ceremony and Joseph closed with a beautiful blessing.

It’s mostly a private chamber, but we have monthly fire ceremonies with a small community of recurring visitors. Dozens of people have been in the chamber now – maybe even one or two hundred different individuals.  Some people have had long-time connections with Joseph or various mystical and metaphysical traditions.  For others, it has been their first experience with something like this.  It helps open up every visitor’s consciousness.  Some people come back again and again.  Word of mouth is slowly bringing more people to the chamber.  It seems that the right people are coming at the right time for their own and our collective benefit.

Many wonderful healings and miraculous experiences have already occurred here. It’s an amazing gift and blessing to have been called to build this chamber and join the larger community.  It is a simple, but astonishing place of inner, global, and cosmic peace.

Mike and Marie Pedroncelli, May 2016

Mike, Joseph and Marie

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