Early Chambers part 2 America

Junitta’s Walkabout in America 

Sound Peace Chambers:  The Early Years 1984-1997

from a presentation compiled by Junitta Vallak for the 2008 Sound Chamber Keepers’ and Chiefs’ Gathering, edited for the web by Stella Longland. 

Whilst I was meditating in the Casurina Peace Chamber in early 1994, I received guidance to go on a ‘Walkabout’ to the USA and Europe to visit the sound peace chambers that had been built since 1984, as well as those that were in the process of being built.  

preparing to go walkaboutI followed the guidance and visited over twenty chambers and sites.

 In 1997, I returned to Europe and America and revisited some of those chambers and visited new ones.  Everywhere I went, the hospitality of my hosts and their supporters was wonderful and I thank them all.  Many generously helped me onto the next leg of my walkabout.

Here I am, kneeling in the chamber in 1994, before setting out on the first walkabout.


My walkabout began in Europe Early Chambers part 1 Europe and continues here in the USA.


Red Eagle Mountain SpiritAlthough I first met Joseph at the site of the second chamber that he built, I also visited the first chamber, Red Eagle Mountain Spirit, at Bernalillo, New Mexico in 1984. 

interior of the first chamber



The interior of the first chamber.

This property was sold when Joseph moved to Colorado.


laying the foundations of the second chamberI met Joseph when the foundations were being laid for the chamber named Where God Walks and Talks, and I helped with the construction of the foundations, i.e. piling rocks into the trench.

 interior of second chamber

This photo of the chamber interior showing the beautiful tiles set into the walls was sent to me later.

Where God Walks and Talks




A front view of the chamber showing the roof construction.  An art studio and gallery have now been added above the chamber.




I was hosted by Gary and Geri who live in Colorado.  They took me to Joe’s chamber in Glenwood Springs at an altitude of 6000 ft.  The No Name Chamber is located in a beautiful canyon.  The icy waters of No Name creek run past the chamber and down into the Colorado River.

The chamber is a pre-cast concrete shell, painted white inside and out.  It was designed so that it can be removed with a crane and relocated.

No Name interior



receiving a blessing in the chamber

I was totally astounded when I entered the chamber, it was like a Tardis, a different dimension in time and space.  The illusion of infinite space was obtained by the use of three mirrors. 


Here I am taking a photo of myself
taking a photo etc etc etc.

A good space in which
to receive a blessing.



Thundersong Peace ChamberThe next chamber I visited was Thundersong at an altitude of 8600 ft in the mountains of Colorado.  The chamber emerges from out of the hillside.  

The entrance is a glasshouse where everyone smudges themselves before entering and the interior is painted white. 

Thundersong interior


The beautiful interior.

 Thundersong ceiling


The log ceiling. 

Jeff Combelic built this chamber.


having fun in the peace chamberMany people gathered in the chamber whilst I was there and there was much singing and drumming.  

I met many wonderful people, the town looked like it was straight out of a western movie, boardwalks an’ all.  I slept out in the gazebo and every morning I watched with great delight the humming birds coming to the feeder above my head.


Earth's Ancestral VoicesNext I made my way to North Carolina where Zoe is the custodian of Earth’s Ancestral Voices.  The land was donated by retired Methodist minister Baxton Bryant and his wife Beatrice.  The chamber is accessed up a track from the house and is set amongst lush, green forest on the side of the mountain.  The blue dome gleamed in the sunlight as I walked up the steep track. 

When I entered the chamber every sound that I made echoed; it has amazing acoustics.

chanting in the peace chamber


I  visited this chamber the day that the 21 pieces of the huge meteor crashed into Jupiter, Saturday 16th July 1994.  Lorraine, one of the chamber elders, led a group chanting.



Wittenberg Chamber interiorthe Wittenberg Peace Chamber


Betsy was the custodian of the Wittenberg Chamber in New York State.


Being partly underground, the chamber often flooded in winter so the floor was filled with river stones. 

This property has since been sold to a Buddhist group.


the house at the Center For Peace

Charles very kindly came and picked me up from North Carolina and brought me to the Center for Peace in Seymour, Tennessee.  The building in this photo and its contents were gifted by two women for use as a Peace Center.  The 14 acres of land includes a meadow suitable for dances and sweat lodges, plus, of course, a peace chamber.

The custodians of the Center for Peace are Jeanne and Perry Robinson, and, after Charles had taken me to see the beginning of the building of the chamber, we went to the house where Jeanne had prepared a sumptuous feast for dinner.

Center For Peace chamber siteThis photograph shows me connecting the Center for Peace, Tennessee, with the Casurina Peace Chamber in the state of Victoria, Australia.  Wherever I went I did a connection ceremony and I left a Casurina stone at each chamber or site to reinforce this connection.  I also tried to exchange stones wherever possible.  I found that each chamber I visited had its own signature sound.  I eventually realized that altogether, the chambers were combining in a vast Song of Peace and that this song changed as each chamber contributed to the whole, and also as new chambers were dedicated.

Center For Peace chamber completed


In 1997, three years later, I returned to the Center For Peace to attend the First Chamber Gathering.

This is a photo of the completed chamber that I took on my return.



 Since 1997, more chambers have been built and more are planned. 
Joseph’s ring of Light for Peace around the Earth Mother has manifested
and each chamber is a vibrating jewel in this necklace of light.  

Love, Peace and Light to you all. 

May you walk and dance in beauty and may the Song of the Chambers continue to vibrate around the world,


Love, Peace and Light to you all, Junitta


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