Little Flames of Life, Germany

Learning to Fly: this video charts the move of the chamber group from the House of Singing Light Chamber in Denmark to a new site in northern Germany where they are building a new chamber with a new name. It is one of the Chamber series from Shamanzone

The photographs on this post are of the beginnings of the new chamber whose name in English is: Little Flames of Life.

The building is still in process, and on the day the photos were taken a two hour ceremony was held to connect the chamber into the energetic network.

Here the people are waiting to enter the chamber:

Exterior of Little Flames of Life Chamber

Below is a view of the entrance into the chamber and one of the interior.

Little Flames of Life, Germanyinside the chamber

The chamber is set into the ground to help us to remember who we are:

The People enter the chamber and there are blessings for all Life.

4 the people

white border

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