Red Eagle Mountain Spirit Peace Chamber

This was the first Peace Chamber to be built, the first to be planted.

Red Eagle Mountain Spirit

Seven years after the Chamber was built Joseph saw in a vision

‘…that the chamber was sending down roots and ascending upward within the branches of a giant redwood.  The redwood tree grew and grew, with the chamber sitting in a fork of its branches, until it had lifted the peace chamber a mile off the ground…….

I traveled up there psychically to see where the chamber was.  (Physically I was still standing in the peace chamber on the ground).  When I arrived in that realm, I saw that there was, on that same plane, a light, moving with the earth’s rotation, leaving a band of light like a jet trail as it went.  Unlike a jet, however, this light never faded.  It encircles the earth to this day.

The peace chamber is there as well, still resting in the branches of the giant redwood, and that chamber looks exactly like the one in my yard  …  except that it is made entirely of crystals of light.’  (from House of Shattering Light)

This chamber features in Early Chambers part 2 America.

It no longer exists in physical form.

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