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DANCE IN CEREMONY in Scotland in 2018:

we dance to say thank you to Mother Earth, to increase personal awareness and in search of world peace.

maize seeddate to be announced: SUN MOON DANCE in the Scottish Highlands.
4-day ceremony:
within a circular space, dancing to a sacred Tree, blowing hollow bone whistles the dry fasting dancers go beyond the world of everyday. They are supported by a team of drummers and singers and other groups of helpers.
This will be the 16th Sun Moon Dance in Scotland, which was brought to the U.K. in 1999 by Benito Real. Some of us have been in love with this ceremony since 1999 and others have joined us along the way, new People are most welcome to join us.

Other Dance Ceremonies, from the visions of Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael, which are danced in Scotland:

4-day ceremony:
within a circular space, dancing to a sacred Tree, blowing hollow bone whistles the dancers refrain from food and water to explore their unique paths. During this ceremony the dancers care for each other.

maize seedDRUM DANCE
3-day ceremony:
dancing to and from a feather, supported by drumming and singing, the dry fasting dancers become light.

maize seed LONG DANCE
1-night dry fast ceremony:
within a square space, surrounded by their visionary banners, dancing through the hours of darkness to the sound of the drum the dancers bring their vision into manifestation.

dancing grows blessings for all

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light rain and maize

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