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marker red The Pink Cadillac

Once a student gave Joseph a pink, soft topped Cadillac.  A number of people had arrived at the house to participate in a dance ceremony.  They piled into a car and set off for the dance site.  As they were driving along the heavens opened and there was a torrential downpour.  They were congratulating themselves on being inside the hard topped vehicle: thank goodness they had already set off.  The next moment Joseph sailed past them in the pink Cadillac, the soft top was folded down but he was dry as a bone, there was no rain falling on his car.  He waved at them, smiled broadly, and accelerated away.  (story from Alexander)


marker red Rolling Thunder

In October 1999 I travelled to the Southern hemisphere to be at the first Australian Sun Moon Dance, this happened back on back with a Peace Sound Chamber Conference; the Dance on the first weekend and the Conference on the next.

The Conference began on Thursday November 4th. 1999.  In the morning we were called together by the care-taker of the Casurina Peace Chamber, Junitta Vallak.  An important healer was coming, the person who opened the path by which Joseph’s visions and teachings came to Australia.  I saw a very beautiful woman arriving.  This lady was Olga, a Russian émigré almost ninety years old.  We gathered in the chamber where Olga invoked the Spirit of healing and a deep and beautiful presence entered.

Then she told us a story.

Joseph and Olga at Casurina Chamber 1999Many years ago she had gone to America to find a medicine man.  She understood from her guidance that she should go and find Rolling Thunder.  There was a man with this name, but when she found him he was elusive and would not meet her.  A friend, knowing of her dilemma, said that she knew a medicine man: would Olga like to meet him?  This was Joseph, Beautiful Painted Arrow, and as, in answer to her knock, he opened the door of his house thunder rolled in the distant hills.

It was through Olga that Junitta heard of Beautiful Painted Arrow and, travelling to America, became his student.

Joseph and Olga met again that day at Casurina and it was something very special to witness that reunion of two beautiful people.


marker red A Matter of Numbers

For several years Joseph held a mystery school annually.  I was fortunate enough to attend a couple.  At one of them Joseph told the assembled students that world peace could be brought about by a number of people doing vision quest.  A student, longing for the arrival of world peace, asked him:  ‘How many people, Joseph, how many?’  He looked at her penetratingly and said:  ‘three thousand…..’ she dropped her gaze to write in her notebook, and while she was busy with her plans taking shape he quietly added:  ‘….or three’.


marker red The Advent of Writing

At a mystery school Joseph posed the question:  ‘What happened to human beings with the advent of writing?’  We journeyed and we searched and we shared our experiences.  Joseph journeyed too and he gave us this teaching:  ‘After that human beings started walking with their minds’.

 Eight years later, while writing this page, I received an answer to that question and I am delighted to be able to put it here:  ‘When writing was invented language became visible’.

marker red Chamber Children

What became of the spirit child placed in the first sound peace chamber ‘like a seed in the center of the circle of light’?

In House of Shattering Light Joseph tells us this:

‘About five years after I built the chamber in Bernalillo, I was in the chamber getting a massage, when all of a sudden I found myself in an altered state of consciousness.  I saw a five-year-old child with brown skin, brown like the land, peeking around the corner of a house at me.  Behind the child I saw an elderly man in a white robe with a long beard. ……. The child asked the elder, “Who’s that man lying there on that table.” ……. The elder, who was the child’s guardian, said, “That’s your father, your earthly father.  You must do whatever he asks you to do.”  Then the vision disappeared.’  

The time came when Joseph asked the child to travel and visit other sound peace chambers.  Joseph placed the spirit child in a medicine bundle, and the journey began.  This is what I experienced of that journey:

Skye Peace ChamberI had been with my teacher, Alexander, for about a year and a half and through him I made contact with the keepers of the Skye Chamber.  I knew precious little about sound chambers, as they were then called, and when they invited me to the initiation ceremony of their chamber I decided to go, travelling for the first time to the Island of Skye.


After an hour and a half of driving on the island I reached a T-junction.  I was completely lost.  A post van pulled up behind me.  I asked the postman:  ‘Where is no. 6?’  He answered:  ‘Right there’  and pointed to a house.  I drove closer to it and parked.  The post van parked too; he had a parcel to deliver.  I offered to take it, but it had to be signed for and he became rather protective of this parcel and seemed very reluctant to let go.  Eventually we found an American in the garden and the postman released the parcel to him.  It contained the sacred bundle of Joseph’s child.  The child and I had arrived at the same moment.

The American was John Pehrson, Jeanne White Eagle’s husband and partner.  They had both come from America to initiate the chamber.  In the opening meeting they taught us how to develop our own song, and demonstrated spontaneous singing.  The mysterious bundle of the child, wrapped in a red cloth, was in the pit in the centre of the floor as we sang.

Jeanne told us that although this was the thirteenth chamber they had activated, it was the only time that the child had been present when the chamber was dedicated.  The medicine bundle was taken out of the central pit, opened and the child was taken out.  The child was in the form of an oblong brown speckled stone.  We each held the stone in turn.  I didn’t see any sign of the child, or quite understand what the child was.  The next morning, after the ceremonial opening, Jeanne told us that the spirit child had come and danced and danced.  He was now a teenager and was changing fast.  When I returned home I made an altar to honour the inspiration I received that weekend.

altar celebrating the initiation ceremonyA few weeks later I had a clear vision of the pit in the chamber on Skye.  The medicine bundle was open, the red cloth was unfolded and the brown speckled stone was lying there.  The child came out of the oval stone and I saw the colours black and red there, and yellow in his clothing or his form.

I noticed that a golden slope fell away to my left.  I looked at it for a while wondering what it was.  I realized that it was a slice of light.  I could slide down it.  I hesitated a lot, then I slid down the golden slope.  What sort of world would I reach?  A guiding spirit asked me what I would like to see.  This was a bit of a shock because I thought I would just see something.  I didn’t know I would get a choice.  My mind went blank and then it came to me that I would really love to see the child more clearly.  So I said:  ‘I would like to see the child more clearly’.  I saw him, and then, through him, I saw a girl, about ten years old, a girl with red paint on her face who danced, and that was emotional, I really connected to that and my attention focused on her.

As I looked at the girl the colour red came out of her and flooded everywhere.  My centre of seeing was drenched with it and nothing but the colour red was visible there.  It was extremely pleasant.  It moved and began to run down my body.  It became thinner and thinner, like a red string rolling down.  It was a musical string and when it was plucked the colour blue was the sound that it made.  The colour white was the silence afterwards.

Suddenly I was in a pure white sound chamber which was lined with white tiles, even the seats were tiled and there were two tiers of tiled steps which descended to a well in the centre.  Joseph was there.  Then the name of the spirit child came, in english his name is:  He who sings

walking wheelI sang his name and a geometric shape appeared: a small circle in the middle with four straight lines coming out in the medicine wheel directions.  On the end of these lines were half round shapes, like u’s.  They reminded me of the way children often draw feet.  They all pointed in a clockwise direction so that this strange shape would walk in a clockwise direction on its four legs, or its four cardinal directions, and, as I looked at them, I put the colours of the medicine wheel onto the ‘feet’.

I saw an image of the Grandmothers below, and the Grandfathers above.  Between them there was a beautifully clear and narrow space, which I suppose was a little more than the height of myself, because I could reach up and touch the Grandfathers with my hands, and I could walk upon the Grandmothers with my feet.  There was always that space for me to be in, but always the possibility for me to reach out and touch them above me, or feel them beneath me.

And that is part of what holding the stone of the chamber child gave to me.

The stone travelled on.  I did not know what had happened to it, but Jeanne White Eagle kindly emailed me this:

‘to the spirit bundle that carried the spirit child of the chambers; in January 2000, Joseph invited John, Rick, and myself to Colorado where we did a special ceremony to release the spirit child into the La Plata river.  Joseph unwrapped the bundle and put the stone into the water saying that the Spirit would bless the water of the La Plata river which would eventually find its way into the oceans and into all the water of the world, including the rain water …… meaning that all peoples everywhere would be blessed.’

So, I would guess, that the Child was about sixteen and had walked the four quarters of the medicine wheel four times before he went into the water to sing to all the people.


marker red The Birth of a Chamber

Eight years after the visit of the spirit child to the chamber on Skye, a chamber I had built was coming to completion.  Selena was due to give birth to her first baby, wanting a home birth, but it is too risky to have a first baby at home on the island, too far to the nearest hospital.  So she and the Graham family came to stay with me and, attended by the kind and loving local midwives, her baby boy was born in the chamber, on the seventh of the seventh 2007, but not at seven o’clock!  Many thanks to all those who helped this to happen; it was the initiation ceremony of the Cave of Clay.

mother and baby


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