sound recordings

audio recordings by Joseph Rael


digitally re-mastered in 2006, a set of 12 cds

Sacred Sounds:

cd-01. Sunrise Song. Moon Song. Two-Legged’s Call.

cd-02. Sounds of the Face Part 1: Mouth. Nose.

cd-03. Sounds of the Face Part 2: Ears. Eyes.

cd-04. Sunrise Chant. Light Song of the Singing Heart.

cd-05. Elk Dreamer.  Walking to Chimayo. Sacred Sounds cd set cover

cd-06. Climbing Face of Spirit God.  Circle of Life.

cd-07. Shaman and the Bridges of Sound.

cd-08. Sounds of the Elements Part 1: Water. Earth.

cd-09. Sounds of the Elements Part 2: Air. Fire.

cd-10. Sounds of the Elements Part 3:  Ether.

cd-11. Sounds for the World.

cd-12. Seeds of Peace.  Echo Caller.  Mother Earth is Calling.

available to order from: House of Mica products

From the back cover of the case that holds the set, here is an inspiring quote from Grandfather Joseph:

‘Try chanting as a group until you have gone back to heal all of the ancestors back in time. Try 100,000,000 years and forward the same way.  We can heal the future before it happens for the future generations.’

this cd set gives access to many of the sound teachings that Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, has given to us. It is thanks to the House of Mica sound chamber group that the cassettes tapes of these recordings were collected and transferred to cd.

All those audio tapes were full of precious teachings which were given an extra dimension, or, perhaps I should say, extra dimensions, through the voice of our Grandfather.

What I gather from the original audio cassettes I have seen is that many of these recordings, such as the 4 tape set of Sounds of the Face and the 5 tape set of Sounds of the Elements, were made between 1987 and 1989 which means that much of this body of work predates the appearance of Joseph’s work in print.

Just for fun and for a sense of history here are images by Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, from the covers of some of the tapes. If anyone has others that could be added to this collection please send me a jpeg!

If anyone can add dates from cassettes and boxes in their possession also please send me an email!

audio tape cover Sun Rise Chant audio tape cover Ears audio tape cover Air audio tape cover Nose audio tape cover Walking to Chimayo


recorded in 1994

Ancient Wisdom

Native American Teachings

Ancient Wisdom tapes boxThis publication consists of 2 cassette tapes which are boxed to look like a book, it even has an ISBN. As far as I know these recordings are not available in any other format, and, if it is possible to get them at all, it will be second hand.

(Council Oak Books) ISBN:  0-933031-95-1


Brought up in a culture where the extraordinary was ordinary Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, explains the way that fasting, dancing, and chanting can help people to see beyond everyday reality into the spirit realms.

The tapes end with a meditation chant created especially for this recording. The chant carries the listener into an altered state of awareness where the non-verbal power of the teachings can be fully appreciated.
(excerpt of the text on the back cover, edited by Stella)



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Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael

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