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video footage and dvds featuring
Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow


31 videos published on YouTube

by Shamanzone

the most recent in September 2015

a series about sound peace chambers

Introduction to Sound Chambers also on the Chambers page

chamber paintingThe Ground is Humming also on the Cave of Clay post

The Opening of Peace also on the Oca da Paz post

Caretakers of the Land also on the House of Mica post

Love in Action also on the Watersong Chamber post

The Wild One also on the One Who is Speaking post

Learning to Fly also on the Little Flames of Life post

Every Chamber is a Journey also on the Skye Chamber post

Circle of Light Chamber

The Human Experience

Being & Vibration with Technologies


in June 2015

Joseph’s Birthday Message filmed during the celebrations for his 80th birthday

in 2013

Tree of Life touching the Radiance  also on the Living Lightly page

The Gift also on the A Sound Path page

A Song of the Eight Seasons also on the A Sound Path page

Joseph in desertBeing in Vibration also on the Gatherings page

The Dance also on the A Sound Path page

in 2012

Introduction to Joseph Rael

Liberating the War God

Creating a New World singing a new world of Beauty into being

The Visionary Art of Joseph Rael Joseph’s paintings as generators of Light

in 2011

Planting Part 1 maximising all of the potentials also on the December post

Planting Part 2 re-establishing our connection with the sacred also on the December post

in 2009

A Song for Peace also on the Year of Peace post

Message to the Elders also on the March post

also in 2009

a series of 3 titled ‘Rael Art’

window of insights
Galactic Dance
a journey through Time

Ocean Places of Oceanus on what it means to serve

Clean Air about the many forms of light


and in 2007

Horn of Plenty a vision of Abundance also on the November post

Joseph’s Journey to manifest the visions that he received

Song of Peace bringing blessings through song


Also published on YouTube 2 videos

by the House of Mica Chamber

in 2013

The Fire Ceremony at the House of Mica also on the House of Mica post

in 2011

Seeds of Peace also on the February post


On dvd

recorded in 1992

Being and Vibration, Thinking Allowed Interview

Thinking Allowed cover
on this dvd containing two programmes filmed for television, Joseph Rael, discusses many aspects of his visions and teachings with the interviewer, Geffrey Mishlove, who delightfully calls him Beautiful Painted Feather.

view an excerpt on YouTube:
Being and Vibration Interview extract


available to buy at this link:
Thinking Allowed with Joseph Rael


this following set of 5 dvds was issued in 2009

Joseph Rael Series

Heavenfire Productions with Gayle Randall, director Val Mijailovic

but before 2009 these films were available on vhs tapes as I watched them with my Teacher, Alexander, in 1999. I know nothing more about their origin but the chamber featured is the first sound peace chamber to be built, Red Eagle Mountain Spirit.

dvds5 cover1: Passageway to the Infinite Self
the metaphor of the Wall and teachings on the importance of doing ceremony.

2: Inspirations of the Metaphoric Mind
about the nature of Art and the metaphors in individual paintings.

3: Sound Beings
teachings on Sound and Vibration.

4: Ceremonies of Awakening
teachings about the monthly Fire Ceremony, the Dance Ceremony now called the Sun Moon Dance, and the Sweat Lodge.

5: Footprints of a Soul
the metaphors of movement and entering into sacred space.

I had a link where you could buy this set but it is not active anymore, so I searched online for a source. There is a site where they are listed as .mp3 files available for download, but that site is infected with malware.
I am looking to find another source and will update this information if I do.



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Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael

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