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Stella, pyramid and poolMy name is Stella Longland, I was born and I live in the United Kingdom.

I have been studying the teachings and following the visions of Beautiful Painted Arrow since 1997.   That was the year I met my teacher Alexander, who I studied with for 5 years.  Alexander was a student of Joseph’s and he taught me the sound work and introduced me to the ceremonial dances.

Teachers are the doorways into new realms of experience that is why it is so fortunate to meet them.

I offer a heart-felt thank you to my Teachers in human form.

I also thank the Teachers from beyond the beyond.  I needed help, I asked for help, and they came to help me.

Oh, and I thank my greater self for reaching the right place at the right time.

Nowadays, as a grateful student of these Teachers, I write stories about my time in their kind care.
You can visit my author page on Amazon to view inside my books by clicking this link: intostellaspace


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This website is designed to give inspiration and information in other words: Breath enlivening Matter creates Movement.


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Any content not attributed to anyone else is written or drawn by me and is my personal take on things and may not be representative of the views of other members of Joseph’s chamber and dance family, or, for that matter, of Joseph himself. (This does not apply to the photographs, see below).

If the dates or any other facts in the text are innacurate let me know via the email link below.  If there is anything of a sensitive nature relevant to you that you would like removed from the site please let me know via the same link.  You can also use this link to contact me for further information.


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I cannot trace the origin of many of the photographs on the site as they have been passed on many times over the years.  I am very grateful that they arrived with me so that I was able to include them on this site, and I thank those who took them and gave copies to others.  Where a photo has a known professional provenance the photographer’s name has been included in the title.  Joseph’s name has been included in the title of his paintings.

Please do not take any material from this site to use in another publication without seeking permission.  Permission can be requested via the email link below.   


Cave of Clay, Moray, Scotland        stella@peacechamber.co.uk


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