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published in 2016

The Path of the Red Road: Beautiful Painted Arrow Visionary Art Cards

Red Road Cards cover
A boxed set of 20 Cards with a booklet of associated Teachings designed to help us reach our full potential.

Joseph writes:

‘I am bringing these cards to you in the hope they will serve you as a guide. When you walk the medicine wheel with the cards you come to understand that life is a process. The medicine wheel is a circle but it is also a spiral. When you walk the wheel and come back where you started you are never in the same place. You have moved up the ladder of goodness a little bit.’ p.9

(Pointer Oak/Tri S Foundation) paperback
ISBN: 978-1-937462-33-8, distributed by Millichap books.


published in 2015

Being and Vibration: Entering the New World

2015 B&VNW cover
Teachings on what it is to be a true human,
and how to develop our highest potential.

Joseph writes:

‘When people come and want to build a Sound Chamber
they think they are calling it in because they love the idea.
Really the chambers are the ones that call us,
and then we decide to build them.
The energy that the chambers are broadcasting is calling the people to come to be part of the chamber community.’  p.5


(Pointer Oak/Tri S Foundation) paperback
ISBN: 978-1-937462-30-7, distributed by Millichap books.


published in 2009

Sound, Native Teachings and Visionary Art

2009 Sound cover
Life is Art and Work is Worship.

Joseph writes:

Carrying is the same as initiation.  At sunrise, the sun’s light initiates the day.  At sundown, the sunlight initiates the night by ending the light of the day and beginning the dark of night.  Similarly, life is carrying all that is; all plants, animals, and things.  Life initiates us into linear time.  We live from one moment to the next one.  We live inside each moment, then it passes on so that we can become something new.  A past moment that just died carries and becomes the foundation for the new knowing that was just born.’  p.111

first edition (Council Oak Books) hardback ISBN: 978-1-57178-186-4
second edition (Millichap books) hardback ISBN: 978-1-937462-03-1
also available as a multimedia item on iTunes.


published in 2003

House of Shattering Light,

Life as an American Indian Mystic

2003 HofSL cover
An autobiographical account of Joseph’s life and teaching.

Joseph writes:

‘Supernatural powers come to us when we give what we have kept over the years. Now it is time.  This esoteric teaching is ready to be given out.  What we need most in the world today is a great deal of supernatural support.  I don’t think we have it now in the way that we used to because we have become too crystallised.  We’ve become too stuck in the form.  We’ve put a high value on form, and we think the form is what makes a thing work.’  p.149

(Council Oak Books) paperback ISBN: 1-57178-127-7, distributed by Millichap books.


In 2002 the book listed above was preceded by a private edition
with different formatting called

2002 InHofSL cover

In the House of Shattering Light,

The Life and Teachings of a Native American Mystic

Joseph writes:

‘At age twelve I started doing healing ceremonies, and people got better. I didn’t know why, and I didn’t want to know why.  Whenever it was important to do a healing for someone, the situation always occurred that I had the time or the facility and I was always in the place I needed to be in order to do it.  I was getting put at certain places at certain times so that certain experiences could come to me.’  p.61

(special preview limited edition) paperback ISBN: none


first published in 1998

Ceremonies of the Living Spirit

1998 CofLS coverInsights into ceremony, including the 3 dances of Joseph’s visions.

Joseph writes:

‘What is placement’s function in our lives on the spiritual path? First, we are on a spiritual path, whether or not we are conscious of this.
Everything on planet earth is alive with breath and is spiritual by its very nature. Placement gives us a way by which to focus ourselves on the life that surrounds us.’  p.64

Joseph writes:

‘Ceremony brings the ancient past into the present so we can learn from it. And ceremony also brings the future into the here-and-now and imprints it.  Within intent is the energy to imprint the future.  As soon as the chant or ceremony is over, the future goes back to the parallel reality and waits for us to show up five or six months later’  p.114

(Council Oak Books) paperback ISBN: 1-57178-055-6


published in 1996

The Way of Inspiration

1996 WofI coverA mystical journey into the numbers 1 – 10,
with an analysis of the creative process.

Joseph writes:

‘When we slip, we’re not in control. We’re forced to let go of control at that point.
Inspiration isn’t planned. Inspiration isn’t something that we do – step one, step two, step three – and then we hope to be inspired.  Inspiration just happens when it’s time for it to happen.
We have an almost instinctual fear of falling, so that is why falling is the very thing that we have to acknowledge, that we have to embrace. So people who want to be inspirers or to be inspired have to first give it up.  Give up that desire.  They have to be willing to fall.’  p.45


(Council Oak Books) paperback ISBN: 1-57178-034-3

A revised text of this book is now incorporated into Sound, Native Teachings and Visionary Art.
Copies of the original edition (with the ISBN number above) are still available second hand.


published in 1993

Being and Vibration

with co-author Mary Elizabeth Marlow

1993 B&V cover1An introduction to Joseph’s teachings with particular reference to the medicine wheel, to chanting and to the vision of the sound chambers.

Joseph writes:

‘Whatever the heart sends out, it receives back. We humans have that same pattern because we are made of vibration and patterned after the vibration of life.  It is in our nature to send out things through thoughts and ideas because it is in our nature to behave like the rest of creation.  However, we were given a mind to think in ways so that we can enhance life.  We can consciously choose thoughts that are life-enhancing.’  p.85

first edition: (Council Oak Books) paperback ISBN: 0-933031-72-6


1993 B&V cover2Joseph writes:

‘The heart of the medicine wheel is like a person, in metaphor, who stands at the top of a hill shouting out into a canyon. When this shout hits the canyon walls, it brings back with it its own echo.  In that echo is contained the energising force that revitalises the center because of what it has to give.  It is in that giving moment that life is receiving.  So though the person shouts and the shout is carried out to the walls of the canyon and then back again, it is not until it returns back that it has meaning to the person who has sent out the shout.’  p.86

latest edition: (Millichap Books) paperback ISBN: 978-1937462024
also available in a Kindle edition


published in 1993

Tracks of Dancing Light

with co-author Lindsay Sutton

1993 TofDL cover
How to understand your name and develop your gifts.

Joseph writes:

‘At this point in the book we want to recommend that you find your personal inner source of inspiration by finding and singing your song, making a dance for it and then using them both by applying them to your ceremonial rituals for the greater enhancement of your personal self growth.’ p.23


(Element Books) paperback ISBN: 1-85230-434-0


created in 1993

From the Sand Place

Metaphor alongside Experience illustrated in 17 plates, of which the first one is reproduced here
with an extract of the text from one of the end pages beside it

1993 SP page1

In ‘From the Sand Place’, a love
story, each experience in the
story has metaphoric meaning.
Joseph, Beautiful Painted Arrow,
believes that we are made of Cosmic
Truth that is made of metaphors and life’s
experiences unfold them for us. ‘A long, long
time ago the Great Designer went into a dream…
and today still… God dreams so that we may experience
life through metaphor as delightful refractions of His Light’.


In the Spirit Face drawings, Joseph captures the energy
of each moment in every experience so that
the reader may better grasp the inner
meaning of the metaphors that
lie therein. Joseph, Beautiful Painted Arrow,
believes that in life every single experience that we
encounter can be understood by studying the metaphors.

(privately printed limited edition of 125 numbered copies)
hand painted, printed and bound ISBN: none


published in 1992

Beautiful Painted Arrow,

Stories and Teachings from the Native American Tradition

1992 BPA coverStories told to Joseph when he was a child with insights into their metaphoric resonances.

Joseph writes:

‘As children, we hear sound associations in children’s stories. When we grow up, our early memories put these sounds alongside our adult experiences, thereby bringing our daily experiences within the moral codes of early childhood teaching.’  (intro page)

Joseph writes:

‘INSIGHT 15: We scale the walls of our own unclarities, and in so doing give direction to the evolutionary progress of culture, to the advancement of human life on the Earth.’ p44

(Element Books) ISBN: 1-85230-310-7


created in 1991

Mother Earth is Calling

A poem about how we came here and where we are travelling to

1991 MEisC page 7

comprising 28 illustrated plates of which plate 7 is reproduced here
(a privately printed limited edition of 100 numbered copies)
hand painted, printed and bound ISBN: none



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