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‘June is the month for asking, because whatever it is you ask for, you will receive.’

 flowering of divinity

 Flowering of Divinity

Maa-neh (hand) is the vibrational sound for to manifest divine placement on disturbed land.  The person’s hands can be used on the earth in the garden areas and other places where the earth has seen hard use.  Work can be done with one’s hands to mend the devastation of earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, floods, and fires.  In the month of June, more and more people will go towards solar energy use at all levels.  Individuals will begin small family-size gardening plots.  More than ever before we will see reverence for Mother Earth and a return to the land as a basis for life.  Renewal is in the beginning stages in June.’ 

 ‘Mother Earth functions in cycles.  We have now come to the end of one of those planetary cycles, the one during which the Ancient Ones come from the center of the earth (that is the volcano in Iceland and the oil coming up into the Gulf of Mexico).  We now have three more cycles to experience and not all of them on Planet Earth.  The book, Being and Vibration, starts with these words:  Life is the road of goodness.  Life is connected to time as crystallized meanings.  Life purifies itself with heart connection so it can ascend beyond the heavens as radiating innocence.’ 

creator of ocean mist always brings new wisdom to learn

 Creator of Ocean Mist always brings new wisdom to Learn

I AM is the vibration of the Creative Principle in the universe.  When Moses heard a voice say:  I am that I am, at the burning bush, he knew it was the voice of the Creator.  Every time we use the words I am in speaking, we are creating something, and we might not know what we are creating. 

When you light a fire every month on the 7th of the month, you feel really good because the firelight purifies whatever harmful energetic forms you may have unknowingly created by thoughts and words. 

You don’t have to believe it; I don’t have to believe it; just do it!  Light a fire this June 7, and feel the gift of the firelight:  purification and inner peace.’

rattle dancers

The Sweeping Sounds of the Rattle Dancers

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