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‘Drink a cup of warm water first thing in the morning, and after that, meditate for 10 minutes.  Be happy.  Be well.’

 ‘There are two kinds of light that come off of the sun.  One is physical light and the other is spiritual light.  The eagle feather carries the vibration of spiritual light.  When I bless you with the eagle feather, I take the feather and put it in the water for two or three seconds and it fills with spiritual light.  I bless you with light by splashing the water on you with the feather.  For September, I send you 27 Feather Blessings.  In every moment there are birds flying somewhere above the Earth, therefore, blessing us 27 times a moment.  Perhaps that is the gift of Mother Nature to us all from the bird kingdom.’ 

 27 feather blessings

27 Feather Blessings

 An Autumn Equinox message

‘When we sustain ourselves through the energies of the land, there is a synchronicity between land and our physical and spiritual selves and with each other.  Then we are in good health.  When we don’t sustain ourselves in this synchronicity with the land, we will tend to polarize.’ 

5 fingers 5 seeds 5 blessings

5 Fingers 5 Seeds 5 Blessings

‘In the spring, we made a garden, planting heirloom seeds that were growing here centuries ago.  We call them the Ancient Ones because they carry that ancient vibration that fed our ancestors hundreds of years before we were born.  Now the plants are growing, the squash and the corn.  These plants grow strong, and I will grow strong from eating them because I sing to them as they are growing, and I sing and dance to the earth from which they grow.  To make the plant’s song, first I touch the plant, the squash or the leaves on the corn stalk.  I pat the squash repeatedly or run my hand along the leaves, and I listen very closely to the sound, over and over, until I get the vibration of the vegetable or plant.  Then I make a song around it and I dance to it, expanding it until I get the feeling that I have merged into the sound and into the plant.  I take that vibration and move it throughout my body.  Now I’m in tune with the squash so that when we pick the squash and we prepare it and we begin to eat it, the squash will know who I am, and therefore she’ll sing her song in my stomach and in the digestive juices.  That’s where the plant achieves her highest celebration, inside the human body, because that’s the plant’s Nirvana, the plant’s highest excellence.  Now I know that when I eat the vegetable it will know me and I will know it.  My system will know it, and then the digestion part will know the plant’s vibration, and together my vibration and the plant’s vibration will make one thing.  And that one thing will have lots of power, physical power, mental power, emotional power, and spiritual power. 

I thank you for coming to be a part of this Peace Group.  I hope you have a blessed day and a blessed life.  Remember that this earth is part of us and we of it.  This is our home and this is where we belong.  We’ve always been the ones who understood that we stood alongside the plants, always together, and that is the Story of Life on Planet Earth.’

 people of the NorthEast be blessed

 People of the NorthEast BE BLESSED

‘Dear Friends, this is the first of four art pieces I am creating to bless the circle of all life on Mother Earth:  1 for September, 1 for October, 1 for November, and 1 for December.  They all have the letter “L” in the middle of the piece.  The letter “L” is the ancient symbol for God.  At the bottom of the four art pieces, I have the following information:

   For September: People of the North-East, BE BLESSED.

For October: People of the North-West, BE BLESSED.

For November: People of the West-East, BE BLESSED.

   For December: People of the North-South, BE BLESSED.

The people means vibration in this case.  The blessings are for all of the people inside the Medicine Circle, which is the circle of all lives on Mother Earth.  With loving kindness and loving blessings.’

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